Your Body Can Talk Series by Dr. Susan L. Levy

Your Body Can Talk

How to Use Muscle Testing to Learn What Your Body Knows and Needs

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Your Aging Body Can Talk

How to Use Muscle Testing to Learn What Your Body Knows and Needs After 50

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Your Aging Body Can Talk

Written by a chiropractor and alternative health practitioner with over 30 years of experience Your Aging Body Can Talk addresses health and wellbeing of body, mind and spirit for an aging population (50+). Uniquely, this material is presented through the lens of Clinical Kinesiology. This simple self-help tool of muscle-testing allows readers to find out what their own body knows and needs. They learn that the body "speaks" through either strong or weak muscle responses to questions asked or situations presented, and are instructed in how to do this simple self-testing for a variety of health issues. Stories of other seniors who have used this methodology to their benefit provide a platform for acceptance and motivation, and each chapter contains specific recommendations for its use.

How to become a "wise elder" is another unique emphasis of this book. Dr. Levy encourages us to learn from many different cultures and traditions in order to gain a more life-positive way of aging. In fact, she coins the word "youthing" to describe such a re-orienting of mind, purpose and activity toward optimum vibrancy and flexibility, leading to longevity. Stories of successful transitions into elderhood give hope to those who are confused or anxious about becoming older.

Since the body's intimately related to that of the mind and emotions, a youthing approach will be characterized by equanimity, gratitude, forgiveness and dynamic relationships with others. Dr. Levy's many exercises and suggestions are designed to encourage readers to value themselves as worthwhile wisdom contributors. "You can assume the stance of a respected elder," she declares, "even if the surrounding culture does not immediately support that." In other words, readers are invited to "be the change" they want to effect.

Throughout the book, concerns of an aging population are consistently placed in the forefront:

  • How to develop an anti-inflammation diet and lifestyle
  • The factors that affect longevity
  • How to build cognitive health and brain vibrancy
  • How to find or refine your life's purpose, no matter what your age
  • Why detoxification is so essential at any age